Trading promises

October 17 is rapidly approaching! Without doubt this is a critical election for the future of Aotearoa.  Against the odds, trade is keeping the country afloat at this difficult time of global pandemic. What do the main political parties have in store for us? This year we have asked ACT, Green, Labour, National and NZ First to answer seven key questions. We set out below the questions and the parties’ answers (in the order they were received). So read, vote and make a difference!

Key Questions

1. How would you describe the state of NZ’s relationship with China? In your view has the 2008 FTA been a success?

2. How would you describe the state of NZ’s relationship with the United States?  Do you think it advisable or possible to negotiate an FTA with the USA?

3. Is your party committed to concluding FTAs with the European Union and the UK?  Do you think concluding these agreements should depend on strong market access outcomes for agriculture?  What else would be important for you?

4. Should trade agreements include enforceable environmental provisions ?

5. How can trade agreements assist the services and creative industries and the digital economy?

6. Should trade agreements include specific provisions to address the inclusion of women, Māori and small business?

7. Should trade agreements seek to promote foreign direct investment and if so how?

National’s Answers

NZ First’s Answers

Labour’s Answers

Greens’ Answers

Act’s Answers