5 Minutes to Brexit

Less than two weeks before “B-Day”, the Brexit process has descended into disarray. There is still a risk that the UK will crash out of the EU on or shortly after 29 March with no deal in place, notwithstanding King Canute-like attempts to avert this. Perhaps more likely, however, there is a prospect of a long delay of months or years – or equally that PM May’s original Withdrawal Agreement will finally be agreed, meaning in effect status quo ante for trade until the end of 2020. All of this leaves business – including New Zealand exporters – with little certainty, even as the clock ticks down to Brexit.


The last year has been something of a roller-coaster ride for the relationship between New Zealand and China. Against a background of great power rivalry and geo-political tension, points of difference between the two countries have emerged to test the resilience of the “comprehensive strategic partnership” which was agreed back in November 2014.

Does Trade War loom? Nerves of Steel.

Trump just announced plans to impose new tariffs on steel – New Zealand’s own exports to the US are relatively small, at $39 million in steel and a further $14 million in steel products, and $23 million in aluminium. However markets like the EU, Korea and Canada will be amongst those greatly affected. Does a trade war loom?