Return to Trade Bipartisanship Welcomed

Issued by NZ International Business Forum (NZIBF)

22 November, 2016 – Business leaders have reacted positively to news that Trade Minister McClay has invited Opposition MPs to join him on trade missions to Europe and Iran.

“This is a welcome return to bipartisanship on trade and something we are keen to see more often”, said New Zealand International Business Forum Chairman, Malcolm Bailey.

“Earlier this year we expressed concern that bipartisan support for trade had all but disappeared. In these uncertain times for the global economy we are heartened to see political parties working together to grow New Zealand’s exports and secure our trade interests”.

Mr Bailey was reacting to the announcement by Trade Minister Todd McClay that he had invited the Leader of the New Zealand First Party and the Labour Party Trade Spokesperson to join him on separate missions to Europe and Iran.

“Political parties whether in office or in waiting need to take a long term view about the challenges and opportunities for New Zealand business in international markets. These missions will enable these MPs to hear from the business people present about what support they need to succeed globally”.

By working together the Government and Opposition can demonstrate the political commitment that exists to growing New Zealand’s international business”, concluded Mr Bailey.


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