Business Forum welcomes Trade Strategy for Uncertain times

The New Zealand International Business Forum congratulates Prime Minister Bill English and Trade Minister Todd McClay on the release of an ambitious, new trade strategy accompanied by an additional $91 million funding for trade-related initiatives.

“The environment for trade is more challenging than ever and this is a trade strategy for these uncertain times” said Chairman Malcolm Bailey.

Mr Bailey was reacting to the release by the Prime Minister of “Trade Agenda 2030” at an event attended by over 300 business leaders hosted by NZIBF and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce in Auckland this morning.

“The Strategy released today sets an important direction, commits significant funding and puts in place new consultative structures which will assist New Zealand exporters.  As it is implemented over time it should help open and build new markets, derive greater value from existing ones and create jobs and opportunities for kiwis”.

In particular, NZIBF welcomes:

  • the goal of 90% coverage of exports by FTAs (up from 53% today)
  • the identification of possible new FTA partners and the aim to derive greater value from existing FTAs
  • a robust new process for identifying and addressing non-tariff barriers (NTBs), including significant new resources for government agencies
  • the incorporation of new business issues in services, investment & digital
  • new thinking about assisting exporters to achieve market success
  • the establishment of a Ministerial Advisory Group to provide input and advice.

“The Government has delivered a comprehensive statement on trade, which deserves close attention by business and civil society and support from other political parties” concluded Mr Bailey.

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